Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, That Happened...

Y'know... if nothing else, I consider it one of the biggest compliments I've been given that the cast has faith enough in the material to put up with the cardboard-poor nature of this shoot. Short and sweet, got the primary shooting done Monday night, four-and-a-half hours. Since we were on deadline, only one break. Throw in a stuffy interior (with hot lights) creeping in over 110°... so everyone was pretty spun by the time we were done. But they're rock stars and they hung in there.

And the tripod decided it was gonna go completely tits up on me almost immediately. Wrestling with the bastard while sweat poured in my eyes. Fun.

Spent the last two days decompressing, so haven't looked at the footage yet.

Hopefully, there's enough to work with. Obviously there'll be pickup shots, but I'll worry about that when I have the basic rough done. At this point, I'm considering doing the rough on iMovie, see how it looks.

Update tomorrow night?

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